Who is my inspiration?


Who is my inspiration? What is my inspiration? What deep, deep well does it spring from? What by-way, high-way, alley, or basement did it hide in its recesses before it was found? What book did I pull from the shelf to find tidbits of wisdom and crumbs of stimulation, motivation, and ultimately, inspiration?

To prod my response I looked up the definition of this word. It’s Latin form, “inspirare” suggests that something breathes life into us and that the “source” is considered to be divine. By definition, true inspiration comes from an external source.

How do I pay absolute homage to my mystical source or sources without overlooking the most obvious foundation …. everything around me.  Oh, the lessons that come from life and living, and seeing, and observing, and experimenting, and failing, and recovering, and being, and doing!

As I seek to respond to this question I am inspired by my own observation that how I answer is based on where I stand and at what point in time I look back to. Our stance in life was never meant to be secure or secured. We are very fluid beings who constantly move through a process of metamorphosis; growing and learning and mutating in the progression.

I learned to walk by watching others. As my legs strengthened and developed for the trial before me, every time I would take one or two steps and then stumble and fall, my mother, father, brothers would coax me, encourage me, and praise me so I could get back up to try again and again until my gait turned into a natural rhythm of movement.

Failure, many times proceeds success and provides a natural impetus for perpetual forward movement.  Michael Jordan was told he lacked talent. Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination. Dr. Seuss was told he couldn’t write.  Failure or someone else’s interpretation of us can become one of the strongest tools to inspire us to greatness and success.

When I was a student studying “Universal Laws” somewhere it stated something like “inspiration was how our spirit selves connected to the universe and pulled from it everything we needed to learn for our journey through life.”  I thought at the time, how deep, but now I understand, how true.

Before I end my babbling I must point to one of my most provocative sources of inspiration…my parents and my father in particular. I grew up in the projects and relatively poor in relationship to financial gains. There are times when coming from an impoverished background you can tend to see the world in terms of lack. My father in all his wisdom would not allow such childhood nonsense.

He told me that my mind, along with my imagination and dreams, would open up doors that I could not yet see. He gave me books to read, stories of far away places to set my mind on, and set bars high that every one of his children would one day be equipped to hurdle. He reminded us every day that the world I saw outside our front and back doors were only a fleeting reality; that the love, care, nurturing, and empowerment that was created inside our home was real, and was the only thing that was important.

My mother’s nurturing and my father’s stern love, and words, still live inside me and propel me ahead as I face life’s difficulties. My inspiration is everywhere. All I have to do is look, and keep my heart and eyes open to receive what the universe has for me.

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